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Adrian Helmets

In response to the shocking increase in head wounds from shrapnel att he start of WWI the French introduced the Adrian helmet in 1915.  It proved an effective and iconic item of headgear and all manner of regimental and corps badges were applied to them.  An improved version was introduced before the Second World War, the M26.

The Adrian was widely adopted by numerous nations well into the 1930s, including Belgium, Russia, Brazil, China and Poland.  After tha fall of France in 1940 Free French units still used them in the UK.  It was also used by the other armies of exiled countries like Czechoslovakia.  It is believed that Winston Churchill used an Adrian helmet when he was serving on the Western Front in 1915.

This set compises six unpainted resin heads.  They may be painted to represent both WWI and WWII examples.

Price: £2.50

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