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Ammunition Boxes B167 (4) Without Handles

A pack of four etched brass ammunition boxes which simply fold to shape.  The B167 boxes were used for various stores- chiefly grenades and 2-inch mortars.  They were frequently recycled and attached to armoured vehicles to hold personal stowage.  The fret is made with internal detail so that the boxes can be built with the lid open.  

This set comes without lifting handles so that you can make your own using (for example) 3 amp fuse wire. As the real handles have a round profile, this creates a more realistic look.  You will need some suitable wire and some former rod - 1.5mm square.  If you wind the wire and number of times tightly around the rod, then cut along one face, you can make a number of handles.  To stick them in place it is recomended that a small amount of varnish will provide sufficient adhesion whilst giving you time to adjust the repecise location.

For folding, it is recommended that you use either a 'hold and fold' device or a pair of narrow, flat ended pliers.

Price: £3.00

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