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ATS Drivers

After the popularity of our first ATS set, this second set is based on suggestions by a number of customers.  The first standing figure is Princess Elizabeth from the photographs of her leaning against an Austin Tilly whilst doing D & M training .  The second standing figure owes more than a little to Honeysuckle Weeks in the ‘Foyles War’ TV series.  The other three figures are inspired by photographs we’ve collected at living history groups and from other wartime photographs. The heads are provided separately so that you have a choice of headgear and can pose them as you wish. 

Price: £11.50
ATS Drivers
ATS Drivers ATS Drivers ATS Drivers ATS Drivers

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Reviewer: Vicky from    5 Stars

ATS Drivers -- an Excellent Figure Set!

ATS figures are not common in any scale -- the only others I have were made a long time ago, of lead in 54mm scale, by Crescent and Johillco -- and, therefore, I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across Dan Taylor's splendid site, where such figures, in small scale, were offered for sale. So far, I have only tried this set, the ATS Drivers, but it has quite whetted my appetite for more later on, to help with other projects I have in mind.

Once my order arrived, I was very happy to see that the figures in my set were just as good as the ones shown in the example photographs on the website. There was only one problem, a missing arm for one of the sitting figures; but Dan promptly sent me a replacement once I had alerted him to the problem, and so my lady is able to drive her lorry properly, with two hands. Other than that, the castings were all jolly nice, with only a few minor air bubbles needing to be filled, and odd flashy bits to be trimmed -- nothing drastic at all, and they all assemble to beautiful little figures, ever so useful in many different scenarios.

I also really liked how one was given seven heads to five figures, allowing true choice, rather than having to mix 'n match five about five, and this, for me, really helped to bring the set head and shoulders above many others, along with it being, along with the other ATS sets offered by Dan, one of the very few WWII female figure sets available.

In all, the ATS Drivers set is produced to a very high standard, and represents excellent value for one's money, filling in as it does a huge gap in the 1/76 - 1/72 scale WWII world, and I heartily recommend it to all who need ATS figures for their models and dioramas.

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