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British AFV Crew, Winter Clothing

Just in time for the winter of 1944, tank crews started to be issued with the 'Pixie suit', which proved to be a practical and popular item of kit. It was also very adaptable, as it could be turned into a sleeping bag. Another item of clothing that became well used at the time was the Mackinaw - or 'Jeep' - jacket.

This set provides three figures in pixie suits, one wearing a Mackinaw jacket and a half figure wearing a greatcoat. They are suitable for 1/76 and 1/72 scale being between 23mm and 24mm in height. The set is provided as unpainted resin. The painted set is shown here to help with colour choices.

The pixie suit was used well into the 1960s and so the set can also be used for post war models

Price: £11.50

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