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Cavalier Conversion (Airfix)

The proposed successor to the A15 Crusader had a number of innovations but it retained the main failings of the type: its underpowered engine and poor mechanical reliability.  It’s box like structure ignored the latest developments in sloped armour and it still relied on the Crusader’s suspension system despite an increase in weight of 5 tons. Though the project provided the outline for its successor, the A27 Cromwell, slow development and design by committee meant that he British armoured forces continued to lag behind their opponents.
    This kit  provides resin and etched brass parts to convert Airfix's 1/76 Cromwell tank.  It includes a whole new engine deck and rear panel, revised stowage, track guards, driver’s panel and a replacement co-driver’s hatch.  It also has a 6-pdr main gun.  
    For reference, it is worth looking for the Polish book on the subject, ‘Cromwell’, by Janusz Ledwoch (publ. Wydawnictwo Militaria, 2012).
(Note that the Revell kit is illustrated but that the part breakdown is identical)

Price: £8.50

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