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Cromwell Mk Vw conversion set (Airfix)

This set provides the parts to enhance and upgrade the new 1/76 scale Airfix Cromwell Mk IV to Mk Vw standard.  The Mk V has a welded hull which reduced the weight of the vehicle.  Consequently, additional armour panels could be mounted to the front of the hull, glacis and turret.  This set provides a replacement all-round-vision cupola; loader's hatches; and driver's port; and a 95mm Close Support Howitzer. It also includes an etched brass fret with additional stowage frames; vane sighting; weather guards for the periscopes; clips for the towing hawser; and disks to help make cable reels.

The Cromwell Mk Vw was issued on the basis of one per troop in units operating the type, though they became more common during the course of the campaign in Normandy. As shown in the photographs, there are plenty of parts to adapt more than one kit.

The 95mm gun may be used to adapt the Mk IV to Mk VI (Close Support) standard.  There were usually two Close Support Cromwells on the establishment of each Squadron and these remained in use after the Cromwell had been replaced by the Comet in 7th Armoured Division.

Price: £9.50
Cromwell Mk Vw conversion set (Airfix)
Cromwell Mk Vw conversion set (Airfix) Cromwell Mk Vw conversion set (Airfix) Cromwell Mk Vw conversion set (Airfix) Cromwell Mk Vw conversion set (Airfix)

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