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Crusader Gun Tractor (1/72) Conversion

The Gun Tractor was a conversion of the standard Crusader Mk III chassis intended to provide a highly mobile and adaptable method of towing the 17-pdr anti-tank gun. Obsolete hulls were converted, creating a superstructure from 14mm armour plate. It held a crew of eight - two drivers and six members of the gun team. It was employed in Northwest Europe from D-Day, equipping Corps and Army level anti-tank units.

This is a mixed media kit with etched brass and resin parts. The conversion is designed around both the S-Model and IBG Crusader kits (The IBG kit 72068 is preferred to their other versions, but not essential) The photographs show both the standard and deep-wading configurations, either of which can be built using this kit.

Price: £16.50

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