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II Abteilung, SS Panzer Regt 12

   The subject of this set is the Panzer IVs of 12 SS Panzer Division as they appeared from the Spring of 1944 through the Normandy Campaign.  During this time they adopted a distinctive hand-painted method of turret numbering and these are recreated here in meticulous detail.   
   A number of markings for specific vehicles are provided along with some generic numbering to allow you to make up any tank from the Abteilung.  Details of placement and specific features are shown in the instructions along with an organization table. 
   II. Abteilung, commanded by Sturmbannführer Karl-Heinz Prinz, was heavily engaged in combat from 7th June 1944 in support of SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25 to the North and North-East of Caen.  They continued in action, almost without a break until the collapse at Falaise in August.  Attrition was very high and by 8th July the Abteilung could field only 32 of its nominal 108 Panzer IV.

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