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Matilda MkII A Conversion Set

The 'Queen of the Desert' reigned supreme during the first campaigns in the Western Desert when the Italian Army's anti-tank weapons could not penetrate the Matilda's armour. Even when the Deutsches Afrikakorps arrived it was a tough nut to crack forcing them to keep their 88mm anti-aircraft guns in the vanguard in order to defeat the Matilda's armour.  Indeed the DAK often used captured Matildas themselves, recognising it as a potent adversary..  

S-Model’s kit is a good representation of the later pattern of Matilda - ideally suited for the type as used in Russia and Southeast Asia.  This set provides parts to backdate the model to better represent the Matilda as it appeared in the Western Desert from late 1940 to the early part of 1942.  The main features of the kit are replacement hull sides, with earlier pattern recessed rivet and hatch detail.  Also included is a driver's hatch which can be made open, the desert style stowage frame mounted on the rear (with resin .PoW cans),  and detailed track shoes which allow you to represent the earlier ‘I’ type track.

Price: £6.00
Matilda MkII A Conversion Set
Matilda MkII A Conversion Set Matilda MkII A Conversion Set Matilda MkII A Conversion Set Matilda MkII A Conversion Set

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