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Monty's Headquarters

     As the commander, first of 8th Army and then of 21st Army Group, Bernard Montgomery collected a set of caravans from which he ran his headquarters in the field.  This set provides markings for each of the caravans he used plus his two Humber Snipe staff cars and two jeeps  Also included are markings for one of the Dorchester ACVs used by his HQ in Sicily and Italy.  As a bonus, there are also markings for the jeeps used by Genarals Crocker (I Corps) and Crerar (Canadian I Corps).

     Note that this set has been revised and so features both of the transfer sheets featured in the photographs

     Where appropriate alternative markings are provided for the vehicles used in the Mediterreanean Theatre of Operations.

     The fourth picture shows the additional decals that have been added to the set.

Price: £5.95
Monty's Headquarters
Monty's Headquarters Monty's Headquarters Monty's Headquarters Monty's Headquarters

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