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Red Caps

A set of six resin replacement heads wearing the distinctive 'Cheesecutter' Service Caps of the Military Police.  Thrre of the caps feature the strap from which the nickname was derived.  In all rear areas the CMPs were to be seen directing traffic, relaying PoWs and a myriad of other tasks.  This set of unpainted heads easily replace the heads of our own figures or those of many other creators of 1/72 - 1/76 figures.

Price: £2.50

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Reviewer: Vicky from    5 Stars

Rollicking Red-Caps!

My first experience of Dan Taylor's head sets, I found the Red Caps more than satisfactory -- in fact, they are quite fascinating, each head having a splendid character face (just like the smashing chap on the nicely designed label), and even slightly different manner of wearing the cap! The faces are truly superb, each a miniature work of art, in my opinion, and they will doubtless bring to life the military policemen I intend to 'cap' with them.

Six spare heads should generally be adequate for most M.P. projects, and therefore, with this truly excellent offering, one gets quantity AND quality -- two things which do not too often go hand-in-glove!-- gaining this set my strongest recommendation.

REME, set 1

REME, set 1


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