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Typ 667 Bunker & 5cm Fest Pak

One of the more common beach fortifications along the Atlantik Wall was the Typ 677 Bunker. Perhaps the best known example is the one which remains on Omaha Beach which was part of Wildesnest 65. A number of other examples exist along the Normandy coastline though they are slowly being absorbed by housing developments.

The Typ 667 housed the 5cm Fest Pak - a redundant tank weapon previously used in the Panzer III.  It was renewed with a basic box structure as a beach defense weapon and, besides its use in this bunker, was fitted in a number of other fortification types including open ‘Tobruk’ type positions.   
The bunker was designed to fire along the beach with its curtain wall protecting the gun from offshore fire.  Often they were mounted in pairs, facing one another 500 to 800 metres apart.

This 1/76 scale resin kit comprises eighteen finely cast parts including those for the Fest Pak gun. It comes with fully illustrated instructions.

For further reading  see the second volume of ‘D-Day, Then and Now’ Edited by Winston Ramsey and published by After the Battle and ‘Gold, Juno’ Sword’ by Georges Bernages, published by Heimdal.

Price: £40.00

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