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US Minor Landing Craft

This set recreates markings for a number of landing craft used by US forces during the Second World War.  From Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima and from Oran to the beaches of Normandy, these craft took part in the assaults that changed the course of the War.  Carrying everything from infantry assault teams to the vital logistical supplies that kept the beach-heads going, these craft performed an essential task.  No depiction of an allied invasion would be complete without them.

Having made a number of landing craft master models for Milicast, the kits always needed some transfers to finish them off.  Not before time, that omission has now been filled. 

This set provides markings for 8 craft:  2 LCAs; 3 LCVPs; 1 LCM Mk 3; 1 LCP(L); 1 LCP(R).  You can easily swap portions of the markings around in order to make further vessels.  Also included are detailed colour profiles which cover vessels in the Pacific, Mediterranean, and Normandy.  

Price: £8.95

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